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👋🏻 i'm stephanie,
nice to meet you

As a UX enthusiast with a background in clinical psychology, I have experience in enterprise B2B and entertainment gaming B2C products.


My previous experience includes 


My field interests include AI, ML, developer experience, XR, and inclusion in design for neurodiversity.


About me

When I'm not conducting usability testing or analyzing user data, you can find me maintaining my well-being by practicing pilates, walking my furry friend Tori🧸, or working on one of my indefinitely unfinished embroidery pieces.


With a background in clinical psychology and experience working closely with autistic children and adults with depression and anxiety, I've learned to radically empathize with end users and advocate for their needs.


As a user experience researcher, I uncover user behaviors, needs, and motivations to make systems more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable for end users.


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