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C3 Law Enforcement

Enabling Patrol Officers to manage disparate datasets through an integrated, AI-powered intelligence analysis platform.



Daly City Police Department uses a mix of software tools and databases which are siloed and slow to search across. 


Generative + Evaluative Research

I led stakeholder interviews to understand problem space, user discovery workshops and ride-alongs to uncover user pain-points, stakeholder touchpoints for alignment between cross-functional teams, and user validation sessions to evaluate final designs.


Impact product strategy + Feature prioritization

As the team's first UX Researcher, I delivered research insights that helped prioritize features, design decisions, and overall product direction. I collaborated with the designer, product manager, and solutions manager to test concepts that helped validate assumptions about user behavior and identify areas that need adjustments. I created a research plan that streamlined communication between stakeholders and helped shape product strategy to ensure that it meets user needs in addition to technical and business needs.


2 months


External Client, UX Design, Product Management, Solutions Management, Engineering


Sole UX Researcher


To establish the UX research process for C3 AI Law Enforcement, I created a research repository that documented my research process, including the research plan, research protocols, recruitment tracker, stakeholder meeting summaries, and concept testing results.

This repository promoted best practices and helped scale research impact by making key findings, insights, and recommendations readily accessible to cross-functional teams, enabling them to make informed design decisions that shaped the user experience.


Due to an NDA, information on this project is limited.

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